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Le Chateaux de Versailles

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

There are some benefits to this nature of work and dining at France's finest historical Chateau is one of them. 2000 guests, players, celebrities, all enjoying the spectacular views, hospitality and fireworks together.

Round tables lined the elegant, beautiful Orangerie. My table was set for 10 but 13 of us had been assigned to it. The waiters weren't fazed and set 3 more places, so we sat elbow to elbow some distance from the table and ate off our laps, taking it in turns to reach forward for our wine glasses and using a pass the parcel process for the vegetables, salt, pepper etc. 11/13ths of the table were French. 2/13th English. The 11/13ths spoke no English and the other Brit no French, the poor chap sat in silence throughout the whole drawn out 5 courses.

To my right sat a Parisian gentleman from the Ministry of Defense. The Minister couldn't find the golf representative and sent the sailing rep instead. On my other side was the principle Mickey Mouse actor from Disneyland Paris. So to my delight I learnt not about variations in golf swings but about the aerodynamics of sailing boats and the rigorous diet needed to be Mickey.

On our way out I noticed some of the people at my table were soaking wet. The silent English guy had stumbled and knocked two of our French guests into an ancient bath/pond that unfortunately happened to be in the middle of the path leading through the orangerie. No one had thought to fence it off so one after another guests went tumbling in, splashing in fits as their spouses tried to fish them out.

For a few of the elderly wet and bruised victims an ambulance had to be called, but it lacked the right parking pass for the Chateau so the paramedics trotted across the gardens to rescue the drenched gala guests shivering with shock as the fireworks crackled away.