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2018 Checklist

Trips to buy grosseries: 0

Average hair washes a week: 0 -1

Number of therapists seen: 9

Average number of cross court forehands hit a week: 200

Number of times I have been out: 1, unplanned in tennis whites

Fruit eaten this year: 1 apple, do lemon slices in G&Ts count?

Number of times I have worn make-up: 4, the 4 times I saw beautiful boy

Average number of caesar salads eaten a week at tennis club: 6, sometimes 2 a day

Last time I wore a bra: May

Average calorie intake a day: 3000 ++

Number of times I have done my own washing: 1

Clothes, accessories bought: 0

Average number of outfits worn a week other than tennis whites: between 0 and 1

Sightings of house mates: 2 of 2, still not seen number 3

Average number of bottles of wine drunk a day: not counting but in the 1.5 range..

Weight gained: 10 kg, scales have been thrown out

Wisdom teeth removed: 4

Infections gained: 3

Sex: 0

Bollockings at work: too many